Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Negative splits on a long run--getting there!

This morning several things were working in my favor, improving my long run pacing.

  1. It wasn't hot.  Monday our high was 107.  Today it was in the 70s and overcast.  Much nicer.
  2. It was morning.  I don't mind running in the evening, but I generally run better in the morning.
  3. I ate more.  I e-mailed a running coach I met on our bike ride, and he encouraged me to take in more calories when I run.  I more than doubled my intake.  Plus I at breakfast an hour before I ran.
  4. I slept longer and later.  I went to sleep around 9.  I usually get up at 5 to run, but this morning I got up at 6:15 or so, helped get the kids ready for school, ate a good breakfast, took the boys to school, and left to run about 7:45.

All this resulted in getting closer to my goal of negative splits.  I kept a pretty steady pace then ran 3 miles at the end in 8:06, 8:36, and 8:42, not quite the goal race pace, but faster than the average pace for the run, 9:17.

Happy running!

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