Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sign on the trail

One trademark of the Palo Duro Trail Run is the signs posted along the course with witty and/or inspiring tidbits.  Toward the end of the loop, just before entering the camping area where the start/finish is located, one sign reads: "Adversity doesn't build character; adversity reveals character."  I guess a little of my character was revealed Saturday.  I encountered a little bit of adversity and quit.  I didn't have any particular physical reason for quitting, just a general fatigue and overall malaise.  I didn't see the point of continuing.


  1. It was rough out there. It was my first ultra and first trail run--hotter and trail was rougher than I expected. But, still finished in 11:07, so happy that I was able. I heard that around half the field DNF. Is that right?

  2. Running Reverend,
    Congrats on the first ultra! That is a great trail, I just didn't feel like running it 2 more times. I hadn't heard about the # of DNFs. If that many did drop, I'll feel a tiny bit better, but still. . . . Thanks for the note! See you on the trail.