Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the road again

Slowly but surely, I've been getting back into my running groove.  I had 3 decent runs last week, and, although I was slow getting started this week (still getting in some O.T.), I should get 3 runs in this week.  Getting up early, running in my neighborhood, even though I struggle to get out of bed, is a great way to start my day.

However, I was struck this morning that summer is around the corner.  Since I missed the chance to register for Jemez (which I'm sort of glad of now; I'm in no shape to run a 50Kin the mountains!), my next race is Capt'n Karl's at Inks Lake on July 16.  This is where I ran my first real trail ultramarathon in 2009 (report here).

Late July sounds like it's ages away, but the race is only 10 weeks away!  It's definitely time to put together a training plan and get on some trails.  It's certainly easy to step out the front door and run on the flat streets of my neighborhood, but Inks Lake is rugged and a bit hilly.  As always, I'm in that place of preferring trail running but stuck doing most of my training on roads, just because that's where I am.  Come race day, we'll see how ready I am to hit the trails!

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