Friday, October 21, 2011

Races coming up . . .

I've been a little light on racing this year, but I plan to rectify that soon.  If you follow my Daily Mile entries, you may have noticed I'm on a streak: 54 days in a row of running every day.  I've been following a training plan pretty closely, working toward Rockledge Rumble and White Rock.  Besides those 2, I have a couple more on the calendar.

This weekend is the Rugged and Raw 20K.  It's at Lake Grapevine north shore, same trails as RLR, so it will be a good warm-up run for the Rumble.  Plus, it's benefiting a cool charity called Back On My Feet, which starts running clubs for homeless people.  Check out their site and story.

Next is the Rockledge Rumble 50K, also at Lake Grapevine.  I have wanted to run this race, sponsored by North Texas Trail Runners, but if it's on a Baylor football weekend, I skip it.  This year Baylor has a road game on that day, at Kansas, so I'm running.  It's not the easiest place to run, but it should be considerably easier than the Toughest in Texas 50K I ran in Waco's Cameron Park last year.

I figured, since I'm going to be in shape for the Rumble anyway, and since I've run it the last 3 years, I might as well run the White Rock Marathon.  Yes, it's a crowded road marathon on city streets, pavement all the way, but going for 4 in a row, and trying to improve on my time from last year will make it fun.

For these first three, I'm signed up and ready to go.  Now I have to decide whether to sign up for a new race in the area, the Isle du Bois Trail Run at Ray Roberts Lake State Park.  This one was announced right after I signed up for White Rock, or I might have skipped WR altogether.  So, will I run WR, then 6 days later run the IDB 50K?  Or run the 10 mile?  Or should I go volunteer at an aid station?  Or just sleep in?  I don't know yet. . . .

As for 2012, I don't know that, either.  Will 2012 be my year to tackle a 100 miler?  Get another couple of 50 milers under by belt?  Hit a mountain run in the summer?  There are lots and lots of miles to be run. . . .

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