Friday, December 23, 2011

Nice Place to Run: Dana Peak Park

Last weekend, when the whole Mastin clan got together at Meme and Papaw's for a Christmas gathering, my brother and I got up early on Saturday to head over to Dana Peak Park for a couple of hours of trail running.  Only about a 30 minute drive from Salado, Dana Peak Park treated us to some rocky trail running with sunrise views over the lake and some nice climbs up Dana Peak and the hillsides around Stillhouse Hollow Lake.
Up and running before the sun on Christmas break. . . .
We came across these crosses carved out of a stump.
The lake is LOW, but we saw several people fishing in boats, so I guess the fishing is still OK.
We saw a bunch of deer, especially near the lake.  I thought about trying some persistence hunting.  It was a perfect opportunity.  The deer were on a point; we could have cornered one and . . . well, I didn't know what I would do with it once I caught it.  I didn't really feel like having to explain myself to a game warden.  I'm sure I could have caught one!  Haha.

I wouldn't say these are the greatest trails I've ever run on, but it's definitely a nice place to run.  There's not a lot of shade, so come summertime, you'll be wanting to jump in the lake.  If you're in the area and looking for a place to run, check it out.  I'm sure I'll be back sometime.  Here's a web site with pictures and descriptions of the trails.

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