Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Barefoot Run

This morning I got dressed for my run, my weekly Yasso 800s.  Lately I have been running almost exclusively in my Vibrum Five Fingers, but as I started to put them on, I thought, what better day to try a barefoot run?  I run my Yassos around the lake next to our house, so I knew the surface would be smooth, familiar, predictable, and relatively free of debris (if you don't count the goose poop).

So off I went, shoeless, in the 38 degree morning.  At first I thought I would have to call it quits after a mile or so, but once I got warmed up and used to the feel of the bare feet, I decided to go ahead with my intervals.  I stopped periodically to check my soles, half expecting to see them bloody and raw, fearful that the cold would have numbed them too much.  But each time they looked great.  Occasionally I would flick away a tiny piece of twig or something that stuck to my foot, but I kept a solid pace and the feet felt great.

After 6 800 yard intervals, I was on pace for one of my best Yasso sessions yet.  I stopped to flick another little pebble off my big toe, and, alas, discovered an unanticipated peril: a little blister!  It makes sense, of course, I just didn't think about it.  I was thinking about sharp objects and the like.

Today I ran a bit over 6 miles.  I think I'll be able to build up to longer runs without blistering, but for now that's probably the most I'll want to run.  I sure do have ugly feet.

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