Friday, February 26, 2010

Temptation . . . .

The Cowtown Marathon is tomorrow.  I ran there last year, my second marathon.  I even got to run with my nephew, Clinton, who ran the 1/2.  I thought I'd run there every year so I could get the cool medal--you get 5 and put them together and they make a star!  I know, that's a stupid reason to want to run a race.  But it's still a cool idea.
When I first put together my plan for the 50 Mile Texas Style Grand Slam, I put Cowtown on the calendar with a question mark.  After Palo Duro, I ran a 16 mile training run on Friday, so I thought I might feel like at least the 1/2 marathon.  After Rocky Raccoon, I knew there was no way I'd feel like Cowtown.  But by mid-week this week, a few days after my super-slow Cross Timbers finish, I starting feeling great, moving much better than I was in the days after Rocky!  So I was thinking maybe I'd give Cowtown a shot!  I was very tempted to head down to the expo to register. . . .

But the reality of my need for rest aside, I don't want to miss another basketball game.  Elliot was moved to the starting line up on his team, and both boys have their final game of the regular season Saturday.  I do enjoy races, and if I didn't have a family to hang out with this weekend I think I would be lining up at Cowtown.   I think I do a good job of balancing family and running, but I hope if my internal controls ever fail, Kelly will snap be back to what's most important.

I won't be there, but good luck to Brett, my Palo Duro running buddy, who's running the Ultra, to my friends Michelle and Ronnie at work who are running the 10K, to T.O., who I finally met at RR, and who will be running his 50th race of marathon distance or more, to Kim, who I met after Cross Timbers, and who ran at RR, then the Austin Marathon, then Cross Timbers, and now Cowtown ("I like to race!" he told me.  I figured that out!), and to all the others running.  I wish I were out there, cheering you on from the back of the pack (or maybe the middle, if I'm having a good day)!

(By the way, someone left a comment on my Cross Timbers entry saying he ran at CT, and gave a link to his blog.  I approved the comment, but for some reason it disappeared.  Please comment again, or send me an email, so I can read your blog.  Thanks!)

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