Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is there really a human race?

I was recently listening to Ziggy Marley's CD Family Time (yes, he's Bob Marley's son).  For some reason, the last track is Jamie Lee Curtis narrating her children's book Is There Really a Human Race?  In it, a child wonders about this human race, and mom replies.  I have excerpted it here because it sounds at times like the ruminations of an ultrarunner.  Enjoy!

Is the race like a loop, or an obstacle course?
Do some of us win?  Do some of us lose?
Why am I racing?  What am I winning?  Does all of my running keep the world spinning?
If I get off-track when I take a wrong turn, do I make my way back from mistakes?  Do I learn?
Is it a sprint, a dash to the end?  Am I aware of the time that I spend? 
And why do I do it, this zillion yard dash?
If we don't help each other, we're all going to crash!

Mom replies:
Sometimes it's better not to go fast.  There are beautiful sites to be seen when you're last.
Shouldn't it be that you just try your best, and that's more important than beating the rest?

I think I had some of these very thoughts at Cross Timbers!  Why am I racing?  Why do I do it?  Seems like at least a zillion yards!  And she's right, I know from experience that the view from the back of the pack isn't so bad after all!

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