Friday, May 7, 2010

The Amazing RiverRUN 2010

Tonight was the 5K sponsored by my boys' school, River Trails Elementary.  One of the people helping to organize told Kelly they had over 300 register, a huge leap from last year.  The volunteers who put this on do a great job, with professional timing, nice goody bags from the sponsors, hot dogs, bananas, and chips at the finish, and fun family atmosphere.

This was my first time to run a 5K all out.  The ones I've run before, I've just run at my kids' pace, pushing Chloe in her wheelchair.  My best 10K time is about 47:28, and I guess ideally I could run a 5K in less than 1/2 that.  But I'm a little out of shape, so I set my goal at 25 minutes.  According to my Garmin, I made it in 24:50, closer than I thought I'd be to missing goal.  I am not sure what the official time was.

The overall winner tonight ran in 18 something; I don't know that I'll ever be able to run that fast.  Last year the winner in the male 35-44 category ran in 25:52, so I secretly hoped I could come away winning my division, but I didn't even make the top 3.  Were I in the 26-34 division, I would have taken second; in the 45 and up division, I think I would have won first.

Most importantly, we all had a good time.  Zippy skipped the run and went to McDonald's with the Johnsons.  Elliot ran with some friends, Kelly pushed Chloe and walked/ran with our friend Mandye.  After I finished, I circled back and pushed Chloe for the last mile and quarter or so.  We were all stinky and tired.  Maybe the kids will sleep extra late tomorrow.
Elliot and pals

Mandye and Aaron

I got to run with the 2 most beautiful girls in the world.

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