Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jogging for Jesus, soul music style

More fun from my Google searching!  Ever heard of  Leslie Harris and the House of Fire?  Me neither.  But they recorded at least this one song, that, for its silliness, has stayed alive on the internet.  It is silly, but oddly addicting. . . .  Click on play and hear this musical treat for yourself!  (This link will take you to another site that plays the file.  It's safe as far as I can tell. . . .  And I have no idea if posting this falls under fair use, so if I'm breaking a law or violating copyright here, please forgive me.)

Early one Sunday morning Jesus came into my room.
He woke me up saying, "We gonna have a run."
I jumped up out of my bed, put on my jogging shoes.
My wife she woke up saying, "What are we gonna do."

And I told her (I told her!)
Jogging (I'm jogging!) for Jesus (for Jesus!)
Oh yes I am now! (I am)
I'll keep on, I'll keep on running with the Lord.

My wife, she got up, ran in the other room
Said "All of the children get up, we gonna have a run!"
And as we ran for a mile or two I noticed we never got tired.
Every time I looked around, God was by our side!


Some people jog-a for pleasure
Some people jog-a for fame
And all of us get in line, we're gonna jog-a in my Jesus' name
All of you people get up on your feet and put on your jogging shoes
And all of us get in line, we're gonna spread the news.

We are (we are) jogging (jogging) for Jesus!
We are running with the Lord!
(etc., ad lib, keep on running, keep on singing!)


  1. Seriously, Paul, that is too funny. I'll try to tell Kurt about it tomorrow when he wakes up. Your Turkey Trot sounds like a great idea. Something for me to implement with our kids in the coming years! DZ

  2. Funny song, isn't it? Want some real fun, go to You Tube and type "jogging for Jesus" in the search. You'll find a couple of crazy videos made my some people with way too much caffeine. Turkey Trot was great. . . thinking about a New Year's run when we're all together in Salado for 1/1!