Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cross Timbers 2011 results

The final results have been posted from last week's Cross Timbers Trail Run (here).  I was in the middle of the pack, which I do prefer to dead last.  Of 45 finishers, I was 27th; 21 of 33 male finishers.  Marathon times overall were remarkable similar to last year's, with 2011 times only slightly faster than 2010.  The 50 mile race, however, was considerably slower.  I am sure the heat had everything to do with that.

In my last post, I mentioned several people I met on the trail.
Mack--The 66 year old with whom I ran most of the first half.  He finished about 5 minutes ahead of me.  Maybe I could have caught him. . . .
Jared--The 30 year old I ran with the first half and for several miles after Mack left us.  He finished about 45 minutes after me.  Stomach issues or not, he pressed on to the finish.  Good show.
Buddy--Whose picture I posted.  He finished in 11:52:51, beating his 2010 finish by 7 minutes.  So I guess the heat didn't slow everyone down!
Mary Ann Miller--Turns out this little lady with the trekking poles is a bit of a legend around here.  She's been around the trail running world for some time.  She's 74, and finished the 1/2 marathon in 10:15:36.  She lives in Plano, but hosts a race every year on some land she owns in Oklahoma.  (A-OK 50K/25K Trail Race) Here's a little post from the Dallas Morning News blog: "Hip Replacements Don't Stop Trail Runner"

Again, a great race, with some great folks.  I hope I'll still be plugging away at 66 or 74 like these new trail running friends!

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