Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taking recovery too far

Every runner knows you have to give your body a bit of time to recover after a race, a long run, or a particularly hard workout.  But my tendency sometimes is to use recovery time to indulge my laziness.

Case in point.  Last weekend I ran a 5K on Saturday.  I ran there and back, making my mileage total 26.3, surely enough to justify a recovery day, maybe 2.  So. . . .

Sunday morning: slept in.  Legitimate recovery.
Sunday night: went out for pizza, no running.
Monday morning: July 4!  Slept in, of course.  Maybe I'll run tonight . . .
Monday night: Nope.  Went to see the fireworks.
Tuesday morning: Nope.  Stayed up too late watching the fireworks.
Tuesday night: Nope.  Kelly was out, so I was alone with the kids.
Wednesday morning: Nope.  Too lazy.
Wednesday night: Nope.  Went out for Mexican food with Kelly's parents.  Too stuffed.
Thursday morning: I woke up one minute before the alarm went off, so I guess this morning's run was meant to be.

Laziness?  Lack of commitment?  Or my body's telling me it needs more time to recover?  I prefer the latter explanation, but I think the former has more explanatory power.

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