Friday, February 17, 2012

Motivation to walk a little faster. . . .

It's pretty much indisputable that running and exercise in general has positive physical and mental benefits throughout life.  But this headline caught my eye today:

Slow walking 'predicts dementia'

If you have ever, like me, resorted to slow walking at the end (or, uh, if I'm honest, in the middle. . . .) of an ultramarathon, and, especially, in the hours and days following an ultra, maybe you can relate.  I'm not sure I ever feel more muddle-headed than when I've been on my feet on a trail for 6-8 hours or more.  Not that that is necessarily a sign of early dementia, but you can't be too careful, right?

On the other hand, how about this headline:

Brisk walks fight prostate cancer

That's pretty encouraging.  One of the researchers says, "Walking at an easy pace did not seem to have any benefit" in delaying the progression of prostrate cancer.  I would assume that running can achieve the same benefits as brisk walking.

Bottom line, lean forward, walk or run faster, and keep dementia and prostate cancer at bay.

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  1. Love to know that I'm preventing dementia when I walk. Coffee is also good for that!