Thursday, November 12, 2009

Losing Weight and Gaining Speed

During the months after I started running, I began to drop pounds. Within a few months, I lost 20-25 pounds, a noticable change. Besides running, I stopped drinking Dr Pepper all the time--that probably made more of a difference than running--and tried to start eating better, specifically, not so much ice cream and sweets, more fruits and veggies. But for well over a year I have remained steady, hovering in the low 170s. I still have a gut; maybe I always will.

Now I have a new motivation to lost some more weight. I have seen several sources correlating weight loss and faster race times; for instance, for every pound you lose your pace will improve by 2 seconds. Since my pace has not improved in training as much as I'd hoped it would, I'll start trying that strategy.

Since my marathon PR is 3:51, a pace of 8:49, and my goal to qualify for Boston is 3:20, a pace of 7:38, that means I have to improve my pace by 71 seconds per mile. So I only have to lose 35.5 pounds before White Rock to qualify for Boston! That will put me at about 139 pounds. Awesome! Now, please don't offer me any candy, ice cream or Dr Pepper!

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