Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brief training update

As I mentioned last week, I started my training plan for White Rock.  It's certainly not ideal to start a new training schedule on the week of vacation, but I still managed to get most of it in.  I did skip Monday's long run.  As soon as we landed after the flight from Maui, I headed home, unloaded the car, showered, dressed, and headed to work.  Needless to say, no time for a long run that morning, and I certainly didn't feel like it that night!

Even so, I got in 32 miles last week and 37 this week.  And I put in some pretty decent intervals this morning.  I know I won't get to every run on my calendar, but as long as I get most of them in and see some progress week to week, I'm happy.

I'll leave you with this picture I took from our hotel in Hawaii:

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