Saturday, July 3, 2010

A full week of training

This is perhaps the first week since my Spring hiatus that I actually completed all the runs I had planned to run!  I normally do my long runs on Thursday night, but since the boys spent the night at the Southerlands' last night, and Chloe didn't have swim class this morning (to which I normally take her), I decided a Saturday morning long run would do the trick.

Fueled by Miguelito's chips and salsa and some of the best carne asada I have ever put in my mouth, I got up early and hit the road in my VFFs.  I originally thought I would run trails today, but after the rain we've had all week, including last night's gully washer, I figured to find a dry trail I'd have to travel out of state.  So I ran on all pavement today.

I took it pretty slow, aiming for 10:30-11 minute miles, then the last 3-4 at sub-9.  Well, I stayed pretty steady (10:45 avg.) but couldn't quite get the sub-9s I was looking for.  I did run a 9:32 at mile 13, but then got discouraged because a park I like to run through was closed.  (One time I went around the barrier anyway and was met a mile in by an impassable, raging river where a bridge over a small stream usually is.  I suspect that was the case today.)  I had to find a detour, slowed down a bit, and couldn't get my speed back up.  I did finish with a 10:10 mile which, after 20 humid miles, felt like an all-out sprint.

After last week's disappointing night trail run, and the shortened run from a couple weeks before that, it was certainly gratifying to actually complete a long run, even if a little slower than I hoped.

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