Thursday, June 10, 2010

The secret to a dreadful long run

I have said here before that any run is a good run, and the only run you regret is the one you skip.  I won't say I regret tonight's run, but I can say it ranks on the low end of the enjoyability scale.  I had a 15 mile long run on the calendar, but I only made it 10.  If you can call it a run.  Several factors contributed.

1.  I was so tired on the way home from work I was dozing in traffic.  Sure sign I should go to bed early and put off the night run for a day or two.

2.  As I was leaving work, Kelly called to see if I wanted to meet her and the kids at Fuzzy's for dinner.  How can I turn that down?  Two fish tacos, chips, queso, and salsa, and a few bites of Elliot's enchilada plate.  I did skip the Butt Burnin' Hot Sauce, but it still was not an ideal pre-run meal.  I also skipped the Dr Pepper, but in hindsight, maybe I should have gotten some for energy.
3.  When I got home, I worked about an hour and a half in the yard.  It was hot and muggy, and I probably sweated almost as much during that time as during the run.

4.  I hit the trails near my house.  I haven't run on them in several months.  They can be a bit confusing in the daylight, and at night, with my faded memory, and with some additional trails cut by the developer (I'm afraid he's going to cut down more woods!), I became thoroughly turned around a couple times.  I finally found the place where I can cross over the little pond to go under 820, but the pond was much fuller than usual, and the log, or, rather, the big stick, I could walk across felt extra wobbly.  After nearly falling in, I decided to turn around and find another way.  Plus, the trails were overgrown and overcrowded with spider webs, and there were lots of muddy sections that reminded me of my last trail race

All these factors combined for a less-than-satisfactory run.  At least I made it 10, and I still did my 161 pushups when I got home.  Now I need to shower and go to bed.

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