Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A whole week!

As I have previously mentioned, without a goal race and a training calendar to keep me on track, I'm pretty lost and uncommitted.  Well, I have finally chosen a race and put together a calendar, and for a whole week now I've stuck to it!  (baby steps, baby steps)

The race: I'll be running Tejas Trails' Pedernales Falls 60k in August.  You may recall I ran their 60K at Inks Lake last August (report).  This year's race will be similar, with a 7 p.m. start, running most of the night.  Last year I finished about 3 a.m.

So I've got my training schedule put together, getting up early or running late.  Last weekend I set out at 11:30 for a night run; it was terrific.  On another night I ran a 12 miler, starting just before sundown, getting to a park just after sundown, where I ran through a canopy of trees, surrounded by fireflies.  This morning I did intervals (6 800s w/ 400 walk/jog) at an average pace of 3:30.  Last fall I was doing 10 800s at 3:20, so I've got some room for improvement.

It will still be hard getting in miles working the day shift, but as long as I don't hit snooze too often and don't let the bed beckon me too early in the evening, I'll get the miles in.

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