Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night run at Lake Grapevine

I headed out to Lake Grapevine tonight, first time in months.  This is one of my favorite places to run.  Terrific trails, lovingly maintained by DORBA, some nice views, low traffic.  I hit the trail about 8:40, shortly after sunset, heading west from the MADD shelter.

I started out strong, but about 3 miles in I slipped, and as I tried to regain my balance I twisted hard to the right and did something to my side.  It feels like I bruised my ribs or something.  I kept running for a while, but after a couple more miles it got more painful, so I mostly walked the second half to avoid the pain.

Then I ran out of water after about 6 miles.  Talk about poor planning.  You'd think I knew better.

I have run trails in my VFFs before.  In fact, I finished the Rocky Raccoon 50 mile race in them.  But tonight the trails beat my feet up bad.  I might be cured of trail running in VFFs now, at least night trail running.  It's hard to see those rocks and stumps sticking up just enough above the surface of the trail to catch my toe.  I lost count of the times I stubbed my toe, mostly my right foot, for some reason.

I set out optimistically aiming for 18 miles.  Haha.  I was quite relieved to be back at my car after a mere 8.65 miles.  But I still had a good time and I'm glad I went.

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