Friday, April 9, 2010

50-mile Texas Style Grand Slam

OK, OK, this will be the last post in which I mention my failed attempt at the 50-Mile Texas Style Grand Slam.  I checked the other day at the Tejas Trails web site to see what the status was, and at that time there was a chart showing the finishing times of 3 runners after the first 3 races in the Slam, me and two others.  I was last in total time, of course.  I guess they were compiling the list to compare with Hell's Hills finishers, to see who finished the Slam.  Neither of the other 2 were Grasslands finishers.  I don't know whether they ran at Hell's Hills.  But it made me realize that if I were able to finish Grasslands and then run at Hell's Hills, I would likely have been the sole Slam finisher!  That would have been cool!  Alas, it was not to be this year.  This realization made me more determined to attempt it again, maybe next year.  We'll see.  Now the site only has a blank page where the chart was.

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