Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Amazing RiverRUN 2009

Since I'm not doing much running these days, I thought I'd reminisce a bit about a run last year.  The boys' school hosts an annual 5K, The Amazing RiverRUN.  The boys run with the running club after school a day or two a week.  They try to see how many laps around the campus they can run in 30 minutes.  Then they have the 5K, competing against their classmates.. 

Last year I pushed Chloe in her wheelchair and paced Elliot.  He did great!  We walked for a few stretches, but ended up finishing strong in 41:20, a 13:18 pace.  And Chloe had a ball. When I run while pushing her in her chair, she roars with delight!

Elliot said he wants to run by himself this year, and wants me to see if I can win my age division.  If you live in the Fort Worth area, and want to run in a small, casual, family-oriented race, be there May 7!  You can register here.

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  1. Seeing the picture of you pusing Chloe reminds me of Team Hoyt. I bet you are familiar with your story. It is very inspiring. If you don't know much about them you can see it at