Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A new start, now a new schedule

I'm back in a routine for running, with a schedule and everything.  I ran my first semi-long run today in while.  I set out to run 11 miles at 8:33.  I stuck with that pace for the first half, but ran out of gas and slowed down the second half.  And I only made it 10.25.  I misunderestimated (as GWB might say) the distance of the loop I ran, and when I got back to my house I decided to stop to prove to my brother that I am not always one of those runners who runs around the block until his Garmin reads the right distance.  Besides that, I was tired.

Now that I'm getting back into the regular running habit, I have a new challenge: starting Monday, I'll be moving to a day shift!  For 2 solid years, I have been working the night shift (e.g., 1:30-10).  I start in a new position in the company Monday, and will be on a day shift.  We're thrilled that I can have actual family time during the week, evening church and sports activities, dinner at home, and bedtimes.  Kelly's thrilled that she won't be a single mom 5 nights a week. 

The one big positive of the night shift is the ease with which I was able to fit in my running.  A typical running day would have me putting Chloe on the bus, taking the boys to school, going for a run, then having time to shower, eat, hang out at home, and run errands before work.  Now I'll have to figure out if I want to get up early to run, run after the kids go to bed, or, well, I just don't know yet.  It will be harder to get in the high mileage weeks I have run in the past, but I bet I can find a way.

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