Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last week I started back training in earnest after a bit of a holiday break.  Between now and Easter, I have four 50 mile races on the calendar.  I've worked out a running schedule, hoping to be prepared for each race but not burned out.  So I am determined to stick to it as closely as possible.  I definitely did not want a little cold weather to get in my way!

I am usually OK running in shorts.  Even with temperatures in the 30s, and sometimes below freezing, I feel great in shorts.  But the forecasts for this week were calling for temperatures in the teens, with windchills at zero or below.  So I decided to put aside my reluctance to run in tights and try some out.  Kelly found some for me and did a wonderful job picking them out!  They fit perfectly.  My legs stayed warm, and I like the compression qualities enough that I may run in them even when it's not 20 degrees!

I realize I probably look like an idiot, not just in terms of fashion but also for the fact that I am out there running when it's so bitterly cold.  I remember hearing about a guy in Minnesota years ago who went out running in the cold with shorts on and got frostbite on his legs.  If I remember correctly, he had to have at least one leg amputated.  Then there was this runner who had to have some toes amputated because of frostbite he got during a race:  I'm sure I'll never face temperatures that extreme in Fort Worth, but it's a good reminder to bundle up.  You will notice that I did  choose to run in shoes and socks today; I thought they might be warmer than my VFFs.

By the way, the goofy hat is one of the USA winter Olympic team hats from the 2002 Olympics.   It may look a bit goofy, but it's perfect for cold weather running!  It's supposed to get back above freezing today.  We might not see temps that low for the rest of the winter, but I'll be ready!  I read that my next race, Rocky Raccoon, at Huntsville State Park, has the distinction of being run in 60 degree weather one year, and in a snowstorm the next!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for about 40 degrees.

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