Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things Seen While Running: Ice and . . . Pelicans?

Sunday morning I got up at the crack of dawn to get in a few mile repeats before church.  I headed down to the neighborhood lake and saw some rare sights.

First of all, around the edges of the lake there was ice!  OK, not let's-get-the-skates or drill-a-hole-for-ice-fishing ice, but still, it was ice!  I brought the boys down later and broke off some pieces, which were over 1/4 inch thick!  My Michigan friends would scoff, but it provided a great deal of excitement for us Texas boys!

Then, perhaps even rarer than that, there was a flock of pelicans on the lake.  I guess there are some migratory pelicans who don't always live by the coast, but I have never seen them here.  Pretty cool.  I also saw a new kind of duck I didn't recognize, and a bird that looked like a bald eagle.  Could it have been one?  Sounds like I need to go to ornithology school.

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