Monday, January 11, 2010

Stuff I Like: Arriva Headphones

When I run, I usually run a long time.  The shortest I'll run at once is maybe 5 miles, but normally I'm out at least an hour or two, sometimes several hours.  I'm not one of those meditative runners, so I like to have something to listen to.  I don't often listen to music.  It messes up my stride.  So I listen to podcasts, either sermons or interviews or speeches.  Lately I've been listening to Francis Chan and, as well as Lew Rockwell's podcasts and Cato Institute policy forums.  Sounds compelling, I know.

I had a first generation ipod shuffle, given to me by a generous friend, that I wore on an armband with the cord hanging through my shirt.  I wore that one out.  So I bought a second generation ipod shuffle, and used to clip it on my collar with the headphone cord hanging down my back.  All the cord hanging got old, so I started looking around for a solution.  I thought, why not have the ipod integrated into the headphones?

As is the case with most good ideas, someone will think of it eventually.  The folks at Arriva already had developed what I was looking for, and I love it!  For about 30 bucks, my listening-while-running needs were met!

It wraps around my head and the ipod sits on the back of my head.  It stays in place well and sounds great.  And there are no cords running down my back, down my arm, or around my neck!  You'll notice the scotch tape.  When I first started using it, my sweaty head would get moisture in there and make the ipod quit.  Eventually I had to replace the ipod (thankfully still under warranty--kudos to Apple for their generous exchange policy).  The Arriva web site suggests the scotch tape, but I thought that sounded dumb, so I didn't try it.  Now that I tape it, I haven't had any trouble with moisture.

I know, Mom, I badly need a haircut.

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